Photos & Captions by: Stephen Lirakis, Historian

Williams & Manchester Shipyard, Heritage's 1970 home

Williams & Manchester Shipyard, Heritage’s 1970 home

1970 was a very active year for me. After returning from Nationals at the completion of my college sailing career, I joined the crew of that year’s Bermuda Race winner Carina. After that, it was time to find a job! Paul Coble offered me a position on Heritage‘s shore team and I joined a number of my former college sailing competitors on the crew.

Heritage on hydraulic lift
Charlie Morgan not only designed, built and skipped Heritage (US-23), he also built the sails! Morgan was the first to install a hydraulic lift in order to dry sail his wooden 12 to minimize water-weight gain. Unfortunately, Heritage suffered from the same malady as Valiant (US-24). The trend was to continue increasing displacement particularly aft, remember the famous bustles? Even Intrepid (US-22), re-designed by Brit Chance had moved in this direction.
I was recently asked why I do not have more photos from 1970. Well one day upon Heritage’s return to the dock after racing, I set down my camera to handle her lines and never saw that camera again. –SL.

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