Donated by Ted Turner to the 12 Metre Yacht Club in 2011, this trophy is annually awarded to the person(s) who has made a noteworthy contribution to the 12mR Class on or off the water.

Ted Turner Trophy Recipients
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2011: Guy Heckman, US-61 owner – He presses on day to day and inspires

2012: David Ray, Clarke Cooke House owner – Thirty-five years of hoisting and hosting 12 Metres with class

2013: Tony Pearce, USMC; Sean Klaboe, US Army and James Heckman, USMC – Serve and sail with pride and loyalty

2014: SallyAnne Santos, International 12mR Class Secretary & Photographer – A picture of perseverance

2015: Herbert Marshall, US-21 owner & International 12mR Class Vice President, Newport 12mR Fleet Captain – Top Gun for 10 years

2016: Dennis Williams, US-33, K-22, US-61 owner – Restoration Rock Star

2017: James (Jamie) Hilton, champion yacht helmsman / tactician – METREFEST Maestro

2018: James Patrick Howaldt, D-1, K-5, US-15 owner & International 12mR Class Vice President, Baltic 12mR Fleet Captain

2019: 12MYC Commodore James GubelmannOur 12mR Worlds Champion