Below is a list of individuals who have indicated interest in crewing on 12mR racing yachts. The 12 Metre Yacht Club provides this “bulletin board” as a courtesy and convenience only. While we assume that sailors will provide factual information when completing our CREW SIGN-UP form, we cannot vouch for or verify its accuracy.

Screen Name Email 12mR Exp? Availability Racing Exp? Positions Comments
CHPJR1970 NO All season Unfortunately I do not have any experience. What I can promise you is I love the sport and would be willing to do anything to be part of a team. any I am an extremely hard-working, quick-learning, dedicated, self-motivated and reliable. I have a construction background but being able to work on a sailing team would be a dream come true. I turned 50 in January. I’m also available for the entire season.
Ted Shred NO flexible week and weekends Competitive J-24 club team in Maine for 3 years, some Etchells racing in Marblehead bow 2005 Landing School Yacht Design graduate, physically fit 47 y.o. male, positive attitude and friendly family guy. I live 56 miles away from Newport, RI, own a Crawford Swampscott Dory
Mbluanowski YES flexible Team Racing 420s, Club FJs, Fleet Racing Lasers, Sonars, Stars, Solings, C-Scows, 12mR US16 grinder


19 year old male college student living in Boston, 190 lbs.
Highspeed YES high Dinghies, Etchells, various J classes, multiple PHRF programs Beneteau, Swan and a few 12s– Onawa, Weatherly, Courageous

Many Block Island Race Weeks, Noods, Off Soundings and Swan Rolex

Trim, jib, main, spin


Engine YES most races Star boat racer, 12 Metre experience with Freedom (US-30) as a competitive racer and recreational sailor. Multiple large boats and racing venues grinder/ winches / head sail trim
Chollers YES 12 Metre Worlds and summer 2019


12 Metre Captain for five years, raced 2009 Worlds and numerous 12M regattas in Newport. All positions from backstays to bow on GP 12 Metre. Captain, Round The World Yacht Race. Currently Skipper and race program coordinator for XP44. Numerous inshore and offshore competitions. Any position
mrleinweber NO as needed 35 years global sailing and racing expericne with large number of one designs and ocean races. Fleet champion many times. Fit and hard-working, easy to get along with teammate. now racing Sonars and HYRA racing in NY area Have done most but prefer mast, spin, sail trim Bermuda Safety at Sea certified, English and German languages, Can be available for training, will pay all of my own expenses, Would love to do this and to join a team.
EXAEmidbow YES NYYC Annual Regatta, Pre-Worlds and Worlds


16 years on US-21 American Eagle and 2 years on Enterprise. Bulk of regatta work has been at mid-bow and pit, packing chutes, sets and take-downs, pole work, jib changes and mast assistance. Can do runners– that’s where I started. Did mid bow on U15 Vim in 2014 Worlds, Barcelona Mid-Bow, Pit and Mast


Due to change in syndicate desires, I am no longer on American Eagle – hoping to get on another 12.


Nantucket Sound Sailor NO as needed Member of Hyannis Yacht Club, raced in local fleets on the Cape most of my life and in 10 Figawi races to and from Nantucket. I’m 47 years old, married (19 Years) with 3 children and live in Centerville, Cape Cod. Its only 1 hour from Newport, so I’m close. Bow, Main Trim, Headsail Trim, Helm


Newportsailorgirl YES as needed 2018 Newport to Bermuda: Trimmer, Helm-SV C&C 50,
2018,2017 Race Crew for season-J92 Multiple positions; spin, jib trim, bow,
2017 Herreshoff S-Class. Race crew. Bacardi Cup, Classic Regatta,
2016 Courageous 12 Meter. Race crew, pit. Sail for Hope.,
2016 141’ Gaff Rigged Schooner Columbia. Race crew. Morgan Cup,
2015-2016, 2013 Spirit of Tradition Race crew; 76′, 43′,
2016 Columbia and Heritage-12 Meter-Crew member, 2015,2013, Race Crew for NYYC regatta,
2015 Folly-Shields. Race crew for season,
2014 J109. Race crew for season Schooner. Race crew. Newport Classic Regatta,
2013-2004 Beneteau 36.7 First. Race crew for season. Jib and Spin Trim
All Safety at Sea Certified; Local residence; Reliable; Fit


WIZARD OF FRENCHTOWN NO May 15, 2019 Racing since 8 y.o. Owner/manager, Jasper & Bailey sailmakers, then North Sails Carib. 15 yrs. North U instructor, trimmer/tactician for 100s of Carib. customers. Have been on overall winner in every major Caribbean regatta. Big boat experience as local crew on Kialoa V with Dennis Conner, Tom Whidden on 2 Carib Maxi tours. From the era of Dacron, I understand the design, construction and dynamics of large Dacron sails.


Trimmer all sails, running backs, tactician


66 years old, 150lbs, very fit, ex-wrestler. 50 ton USCG Master. Twin engine aircraft pilot. Certified diver. Will be in residence at summer home, available to assist with the organization & management of a 12mR program in Newport, including possible short-term crew/ owner housing.

Strengths: very competitive attitude & attention to detail. Better than average knowledge of sail trim in big winds Like to be involved in crew organization and have ability to spot crew in-efficiencies Like to approach racing the way I approach flying a plane to minimize errors and mishaps. Non- racing ocean crossings, Atlantic and Pacific.

JOSLINRD YES Anytime 12mR: Intrepid 1970: main trim
Independence 1977: main and bow man
Intrepid 1999-2008: main trim Columbia 2001: jib and spin trim
Freedom 2006: jib and spin trim
USA (US-61) 2009-2012: tactician
all 12mR crew positions except helmsman


1957-1959: Started sailing at age 10 at Severn Sailing Assn., Annapolis, MD, 1959-1965: St. Georges School dinghy team, Captain 1965; Ida Lewis Junior Sailing program, Vanderbilt Cup winner 1968

SAILORMAN YES Call me: 401-286-7140


Races: 9 Transatlantic, 15 Bermuda, 5 Fastnet, 7 Chicago-Mac, 1 Middle Sea, One ton Worlds, America’s Cup, numerous small boat championships.


Tactician, Main, Helm


1977 Independence, 1978-79 Intrepid, 2000-01 Columbia, 2003-06 Courageous, 2017 Freedom


HANDSAILOR YES Any time I grew up in Barrington and raced all throughout school. I race the Caribbean circuit and raced for Alinghi in 2004 and still race with Coutts.


Trimmer, mast.


PCHEEK YES ANY, can locate quickly to any ROAD to the WORLDS event.


America II(12-US46)Syndicate member for past 3 seasons. Doing some alternate on American Eagle this season.


Main trim, starboard and port tail, mast, etc. No foredeck experience.


Looking to up my game every day.


PGCNEWYORK YES weekends throughout the summer


12mR Experience
* 2017: Courageous, American Eagle
* 2016: Lionheart
* 2015 – present: America II (US46)
* 1983 – 1988: Gretel II (KA3), SydneyOther racing:J24; Archambault 35′; Yngling; Dragon, Northshore 33′, Warwick Hood 42′; Bareboat charters (up to 48′)
Headsail trimmer; sewer / mast; pit; grinder; runners * Sailing for 35 years

* Member of Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron and Manhattan YC

* I am a competent 12 Metre tragic looking to join a competitive boat for the 2019 World Championship

WILLYB1533 YES retired with time


CBYRA seventies and eighties, IOR then PHRF, off shore delivery south (five), one Newport Bermuda (80), one Marblehead Halifax, one Block Island RW, long standing relationship with Jim Muldoon’s ‘Donnybrook’ out of Annapolis, okay, the 12m experience is ONCE with the project in St Martin, the Kirby designed ‘Canada’, once in a Star, and own a Laser. And I snuck on Intrepid while docked at the Black Pearl in ’67 when no one was looking to check it out and make believe! mostly trim can do bow, navigate


Pretty fit for my age, probably not strong enough to go aloft reliably but would try if needed. Swim and bike. Currently residing at Gwynn Island, VA, near Deltaville, would LOVE to help out with 12’s in the Chesapeake Bay area in the fall. Know my way around New England, also. Strong on navigation, strong on meteorology, tides and current forecasting (formally worked in IT at NOAA).
CAHILL1 NO Mon-Sat, major events. Live in CA. Shields (all positions)
PHRF 35′ keelboats (bow, foredeck, mast, pit)
Coronado 15 (helm and crew)
Lido 14 crew
Bow, Mast, Pit


I am age 30, 5′-10″, 150 lbs, and work in CA as an engineer. I am at home working on the front end of boats as well as steering and trimming. My most frequent crew experience in the last 5 years is bow and foredeck on Schock 35s, though I sail Shields ODs several times a month. Lifelong sailor and huge fan of the International Rule. I own a 2.4mR, and would jump at the chance to sail the larger classes. I am able to attend events with several weeks notice.


SLONGLEY YES All Events Crew 12m America II (US46) in New York, J22, J24s, Grand Soleil 43.


Mast, Pit, Grinder, Trim


Fit 31 year old in New York City. Sailed 12m 15 days in 2016. I can take off a day or two with minimal notice and regularly in Newport area. Happy to crew any boat/event.


GGAYDOS YES Available to travel


Offshore deliveries and ocean racing, windward/leeward PHRF racing each week, 12mR sailing weekly in New York City


Main trim and grinder


TF YES Saturday 9/23/17


Skipper and crew one – designs– 110, 210 J24, Holland design – face off – 1988-89. Started at age 6, now 52. Edgartown, Block Island and Marblehead Race weeks, Volvo Regatta, and other championships. Main trim, spinnaker trim, jib trim.
HUMBUG NO Available until 11/1/17


From St. Thomas USVI- sailing my whole life on all types of boats. Am still active in cats at Championship level. No recent big boat experience, but- sailed on Congere in Maxi Worlds. Stars & Stripes 92 for VI ACC training, recent racing on “Nala” HH66 cat. Farr 65’s, Farr 40’s, RP 37, Mumm 36 and many smaller boats. Am active on F18’s, Nacra 17’s, Hobie 20, 16 and IC 24’s. Now based in Morehead City, NC and traveling East Coast to race and work freelance. USCG 100 Ton Master and Instructor- power or sail with Tow & Sail. Many years of salvage towing in the BVI’s in the 70’s too. From pit aft– have not done mast or forward in a long time


Resume on request- references too (Peter Holmberg- brother), Allergic to cigarettes otherwise healthy and strong non- drinker- 6′ and 250… with wetsuits and foulies as needed. Willing to run the tender or mark boats as needed too.
VTSAILOR YES Ready to go I have been sailing and racing since I was an embryo… I have sailed and raced Lightnings, Star boats, Dragons, IOR boats, Etchells, 6 Metres and a few 12s including Gleam and Intrepid. I have raced in Lightnings, Stars and Dragons in National and North American Championships sail trimmer, and one of the best!


A former Director of the Offshore Sailing School, I will be a great addition to any boat I crew on.
MACTRUE YES Most weekends


I have raced on America 2 (46) quite a bit over the last 10 years, mostly in NY Harbor, a few times in Newport. Some mid-size boat experience and lots of J-24 racing (all positions) here in NY.


most I live in NYC and sail here often. Able to travel to Newport on weekends.
Sailing_Teacher YES Weekends and some evenings.


Forty-five years of racing experience beginning with 42′ Columbia (Vita), later 52′ Holland,(Midnight Sun) and eventually  12 Metres, America II (US-42, US-46), Lionheart (K-18) and Freedom (US-30). Interest in connecting with leadership in Newport for regular sailing opportunities.


Helm, After-guard, Main, Head Sail and Spin Trim, mast and bow


Nearly a decade of training 12mR crews along with maintenance and command responsibility in LI Sound and NY Harbor. Delivery, racing and casual sailing experience includes blue and open ocean adventures as well as the breadth of LI Sound racing for a range of boat sizes including catamarans. Experience with power vessels including 78′ motor yacht as owner and captain. Extensive experience with maintenance and restoration along with racing and crew training.


SANDYSIDEUP NO Open Coastal and Offshore cruising and deliveries but no racing yet. I am small and quick, great power to weight ratio.


any Boatbuilding and Restoration experience. Have worked on 12s but not sailed them. STCW and ENG1


GAFFER NO Traveling to Rhode Island for 12mR Worlds


Fifty years experience starting in dinghy racing in Sydney Harbour GP 18′ skiff circuit, to Multihulls: Member Nacra Factory and Australian Hobie. Winner Hogsbreath 1000mn and Coral Sea 1000nm offshore races. Six Sydney Hobart Races, 2 Fastnet Races and more.


Helm, tactics, main/headsail trip, get the drinks


I am 74 years old, gym fit, compete in age division triathalons, strong work ethic.